Past Symposiums





2011 Edition

We would like to thank everybody that made this event possible, from the volunteers to the speakers, without forgetting all of our participant ! See you in March 2012 ! Here a summary of the 2011 edition. Speakers JONATHAN FOLEY Jonathan Foley is the director of the Institute on the Environment (IonE) at the University … Continue reading 2011 Edition

2012 Edition

Sustainability Research Symposium @ McGill 2012 – ‘Sustainability & the City’ “Good cities are good places to live. But they take work”  – Troy Austin. Last spring we were joined by a group of amazing volunteers, enthusiastic participants, and three phenomenal keynote speakers to put into action the second annual McGill Sustainability Research Symposium.  The event continued … Continue reading 2012 Edition

2013 Edition

The 3rd McGill Sustainability Research Symposium took place on March 14, 2013 in the Thompson House ballroom. The event comprised of invited speakers (see below), student presentations, a poster competition, and a discussion session. In addition to the student associations of McGill Geography (GGS and MUGS), academic partners included McGill’s Sustainability, Science, and Society Program … Continue reading 2013 Edition

2014 Edition

The 2014 symposium, Water and Sustainability: Ideas, Research, Action! was held on March 13th, 2014. Thanks again to the academic steering committee: Jan Adamowski, Bernhard Lehner, and Julie Jones, and all the volunteers that helped make the day a success! 2014 speakers Pascale Biron Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, Planning and Environment (Concordia) Abstract: Freedom space for rivers: … Continue reading 2014 Edition

2015 edition

The 5th edition of the McGill Sustainability Symposium, “Closing the Loop”, was held March 13th, 2015. A big thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, and organizing committee for a great event! Scroll down for a recap of the 2015 edition. 2015 speakers Katja Neves, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Concordia University  Katja Neves initiated her career … Continue reading 2015 edition

2016 Edition

The theme for the 6th annual McGill Sustainability Research Symposium was Technology for Sustainability’. Our speakers spanned the faculties of Arts, Science, Management and Engineering will discuss topics that include data analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), climate change monitoring and evaluation, among others. This year, we anticipate a lively symposium which will address questions such as: ‘How can … Continue reading 2016 Edition

2017 Edition

The 2017 symposium centred on the theme of ‘Resilience’. It brought together students and speakers from academia, industry, and community organizations to exchange ideas. The symposium created a platform for interdisciplinary discussion about current sustainability challenges.

2018 Edition

While borderlands and frontiers pose unique challenges to managing for sustainability, borders are also sites of encounter and exchange. Solving global environmental problems requires cooperation across borders: between nations, sectors, disciplines, and peoples to care for a shared environment. Thinking about borders encourages us to consider the places in between, and ask where we might come together.

2019 Edition

The Sustainability Research Symposium 2019 focused on the most recent innovations and progress towards a sustainable future. We see sustainability as going beyond environmentalism to encompass  issues of human rights, equitable and inclusive growth, and secure and healthy communities. We seek innovation in all its forms – technological, but also social, pedagogical, and organizational. This student-led conference … Continue reading 2019 Edition

2020 Edition

Sustainable Food Futures The 2020 symposium was our 10th anniversary centered on Sustainable Food Futures. We are proud to announce that the 2020 McGill Sustainability Research Symposium has been certified as a Gold McGill Sustainable Event by the McGill Office of Sustainability. To achieve this certification, we implemented actions such as serving all vegan and … Continue reading 2020 Edition