About Us

Our mission is to facilitate connections among students, faculty and the wider McGill community by providing a venue to engage in the discussion of sustainability research at McGill across many disciplines. The SRS promotes a sustainable future using McGill’s greatest asset: its collective brainpower.

Our Team for 2019


Sarah is a third year doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography working under the supervision of Professor Nancy Ross. She studies the impact of built environments on population-wide physical activity and chronic disease. She has an interdisciplinary background that includes epidemiology, genetics, and is also involved with anti-poverty and women’s equality-seeking work.


DSC_0786 (1).jpgJoanna is a second year masters student in the Department of Geography working under the supervision of Sarah Moser. Her research is focused on urban trends in the Global South and more specifically, understanding the drivers and impacts of new master planned cities in Tanzania. She is passionate about environmental issues and has volunteered with various wildlife conservation organizations in South Africa and Kenya, where she spent most of her childhood. In her spare time Joanna paints watercolor portraits and enjoys rock climbing at her local bouldering gym.


22135386_10207849359830726_7441800633213252222_oSpencer is a second-year MA student in geography under the supervision of Natalie Oswin. He is interested in urban policy, housing policy, and critical geographies. His current research examines heteronormativity and single-room occupancy (SRO) housing policy and discourse in Vancouver.  He is interested in sustainability as it pertains to queer political ecologies and sustainable (sub)urban development.



Lucy is a second year masters student in the Department of Geography working under Tim Moore. Her research focuses on biogeochemical processes affecting the movement of dissolved organic carbon in bog systems, specifically at Mer Bleue near Ottawa. She’s interested to understanding how climate change has affected environmental systems and subsequently the people who depend on it. She enjoys drawing, yoga, and sewing.



Rémi is a second year Master’s student in the Department of Geography working under the supervision of Prof. Graham MacDonald. His research aims to understand how global fertilizer use contributes to the production of healthy and nutritious food. He is passionate about new perspectives on global sustainability, especially regarding agriculture, human well-being, and the environment. In his free time, Remi enjoys swimming, gardening, and hiking.


Slack_2015 (2).jpg

Patrick is a second year masters student in McGill’s Department of Geography and in The Minorities in Southeast Asian Massif research lab.  His research focuses on non-timber forest product impacts on ethnic minority livelihoods and food security in northern Vietnam.  Patrick’s commitment to sustainability is derived from previous studies in international agriculture and various project work across international and domestic scales addressing food security, capacity building, and conservation agriculture.


Olivia is a first year master’s student working under the supervision of Yann le Polain de Waroux. Her research focuses on the effects of commodity frontier expansion on the access and use of resources by smallholders of the Pilcomayo river basin in Paraguay. Olivia is interested in sustainability issues relating to human-environment interactions.


Jennifer is a first year doctoral student in the Department of Geography and a member of the Minorities in the Southeast Asian Massif Research Lab. She is currently working under the supervision of Professor Sarah Turner on an intergenerational livelihood study of an ethnic Hmong village in the uplands of Northern Thailand. She is particularly interested in socially and environmentally sustainable agrarian livelihoods for marginalized populations.


SRSphoto.pngHannah is a fourth year student in the school of environment studying environment and development with a minor in urban systems. She is passionate about sustainable living both in urban and rural contexts, founded on community involvement and action. She has a particular interest in permaculture design and urban agriculture, emphasizing respect of indigenous lands and traditional practices. This is Hannah’s second year with the SRS and she is thrilled to be a part of the project.