Welcome to the McGill Sustainability Research Symposium

According to Ancient Greek culture, the circle is the perfect shape. No beginning. No end. What if we use this perfection to look at the systems that surrounds us? What if we try to close the loop?

Societies around the world have been developing products and technologies to fulfill their needs. For industrial agriculture to the fashion industry, wastes are accumulating, unused. In some cases these systems have been designed without taking in consideration the impacts they can have on other systems or also refer to as externalities. Sustainability research is partly trying to address this question using multidisciplinary approaches.

Intrigued? Join us for the fifth edition of the Sustainability Research Symposium. Professor Katja Neeves (Concordia) and Professor Paul Lanoie (HEC) will present their research and how they try in their own way to close the loop. The event will take place Friday, March 13th in the Thompson House Ballroom.